Round Trips in India

Experience India with beautiful round trips

Around Kerala India

Experience traditional sights in a 9-day round trip to South India, drive in a "Tuk Tuk", visit a classical Kathakali dance show, an art gallery, extensive tea plantations, undertake a pleasent walk through the spice plantations, be astonished by the Kalaripayattu - martial arts show, explore the numerous and great variety of animal worlds on a boat trip across the national park or have a bamboo rafting, feel the traditional life of the backwaters by houseboat cruise and enjoy the Keralan cuisine ....

Classic South Indian Trail

Experience classic sights in a 12- day round trip in South India, look at history, culture, UNESCO monuments, heritage sights, temples, rituals, local cuisine and flavours, colonial pasts, wildlife,  plantations, village atmosphere, Backwaters, Kettuvallam, art performances, culinary experience,  art galleries and much more.

Kerala - Simple Living & Exotic Locations

The program  “Kerala -  Simple Living & Exotic Locations“ offers some charming place to stay and an exotic beach location, shockingly close to the sea. Very simple living, less expensive and not luxurious. But very close to tradition, history and nature.  This is suitable for all who wish to stay in simple but beautiful place and experience the real Kerala tradition, nature and its beauty.  All accomodations with less number of rooms, not suggested for groups more the 6 persons.

Wilderness & more

Experience heritage sites in a 9-day round trip across South India, with a Tuk-Tuk ride & public transport travel. Kathakali -which is a classical dance show, art gallery, family dinner, tea plantations, adventure, trekking, camping, spice plantations, wildlife, boat ride in the Wildlife Sanctuary, house boat cruise, Keralan cuisine, village atmosphere, relaxation on the beach and much more.

Karnataka & Kerala

Within our 12-day trip around Karanatka & Kerala you will have adventures through the wilderness, traditions & beaches. Visit this part of South India having all elements of the original life in the region. Look at traditional Indian markets and temples or admire the National Park. 

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