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Indiadreams4you is a project of CITYGESICHTER GmbH Networking I Travel & Events I Marketing.


"CITY FACES" creates a worldwide travel network that focuses on the very individual and special needs of travellers going to different destinations of the world. We work exclusively with local partners and develop the best experiences for you to get to know the country and its people.

More than 3 years ago we started to create our first "CITY FACE": the United Arab Emirates. The big success of this "CITY FACE" inspired us to go on with more and more travel destinations.

In addition to the "CITY FACE": India and Emirates we work now Africa and Europe.


We have it as our slogan: "Be unique - go to CITY FACEs" and find more and more great destinations.

On this page you will find all the useful information about India as a travel destination, important information about suitcases and luggage on board an aircraft, as well as our imprint, the revocation, the General Business Conditions (AGB), our privacy policy and information about payment and shipping.


Who are we? Of course, you want to know exactly who you are dealing with. Our imprint gives you information about the most important data.

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If you click on the "Entry requirements" button, you will be redirected directly to the website of the Foreign Office. Everything worth knowing is put together there.

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Where is India exactly?

India is a country in South Asia. The capital of India is New Delhi.


In the north, the Himalayas form the natural border of India, in the south, the Indian Ocean encloses the national territory. India is also bordered by Pakistan, the Tibet Autonomous Region, Nepal, Bhutan, Myanmar (formerly Burma) and Bangladesh. Sri Lanka and the Maldives are other neighbouring states in the Indian Ocean. India is the seventh largest country on earth.

How is the weather in India?

Luggage on the plane?


In recent years, many laws and regulations have been issued that deal with luggage while flying. So there are very different rules for size and weight from airline to airline.


It is just as important to know what is allowed in the hand luggage and what has to be in your hand luggage.


And what about liquids?


All this is for your own safety.



So that you prepare well prepared and relaxed your next trip, we looked around and found a very informative website: