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India is one of the most beautiful destinations. Experience the unique culture. If you want to experience traveling with all your senses, you definitely have to go to India. 


Day trips, river cruises on the Ganges, short trips or even round trips over several days, take a look behind the scenes, enjoy India with all your senses, relax with Yoga & Ayurveda and get unique experiences.

Kalaripayattu Kampfkunst

Palm tree-lined beaches, spacious tea plantations, historic temple complexes, chaotic streets, snow-covered slopes, richly ornate palaces, colorful markets, unique animal diversity, vibrant colors, traditional dance and martial arts, historic buildings, breathtaking waterfalls, lagoons, bustling metropolises full of people.


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"The treasure of knowledge is such a great fortune from which the blood-relatives can not take anything away, the thief can not rob anything, and if you distribute so much from him, it will never be less." - Indian Wisdom -

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